Network Data Loss Prevention

Network DLPWhether it’s email, web applications, social media, or traditional data transfer mechanisms, such as FTP, Network Data Loss Prevention provides a way to monitor and control network communications to prevent sensitive information from escaping via the network.  Business requires that communications channels remain open, but companies must find ways to monitor and control the data flowing over them. In some cases, information flows must be blocked entirely, and in many others, the data must be encrypted for regulatory compliance.

Monitor and Control Email, Web Mail, Social Media, Network Traffic, and Applications

  • Inspect and remediate traffic on Email, Webmail, Web 2.0 apps, HTTP/S, FTP/S, TCP/IP
  • Prevents data loss via the network regardless of port or protocol
  • Content based email monitoring and message handling manages the most common source of data loss
  • Webmail and FTP visibility and control, including SSL-enabled sessions
  • Inspect subject, message, and attachments for sensitive content
  • Policy based monitoring and blocking of Web 2.0 applications, including wikis, blogs, and other applications
  • Email encryption for secure communication and regulatory compliance
  • Remediate email based on level of risk: Block, quarantine, audit, forward, notify, or encrypt
  • Notify users and administrators when network traffic violates corporate policies

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