Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint DLPContent Aware Data Loss Prevention for PCs and Laptops. TrueDLP Endpoint Data Loss Prevention extends powerful data loss protection to PCs and laptops, providing visibility and control over sensitive information being copied to removable media or sent over wireless connections.  TrueDLP™ provides both device level control and content aware inspection, allowing flexible policy-based enforcement. Detailed activity logging provides audit history information necessary to demonstrate compliance. Offline policy enforcement ensures protection for laptops and other devices even when disconnected from the network.

Monitor and Control Data Leaving Your Endpoints

TrueDLP Endpoint Content control allows you to monitor data being transferred off of your endpoints. End-user notification and self-remediation options notify users of policy violations while allowing them to continue business in compliance with corporate data-handling policies.

  • Monitor files transferred from your endpoints for confidential data
  • Prompt the user to provide justification before allowing the transfer of sensitive data
  • Encrypt all sensitive data before it leaves the endpoint
  • Restrict device use to authorized users and devices
  • Provides detailed activity logging and audit reporting of all files containing sensitive data

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