Discovery Data Loss Prevention

Discovery DLPLocate, Identify, and Secure Sensitive Data Throughout the Network. TrueDLP Discovery locates, identifies, and secures sensitive data throughout the network, proactively reducing data loss risk while providing visibility and auditing of potentially unsecure information. Detailed audit logging and reports provide administrators and auditors with the information needed to demonstrate compliance, protect confidential information, and reduce data-loss risk.

Find and Remediate Confidential Data

Discovery Data loss prevention finds and remediates confidential data on SAN, NAS, Databases, Content Management Systems, laptops, workstations, servers and Web sites.

  • Discovery of confidential data on networks and endpoint devices
  • Scan all major databases and find rows where confidential data is being stored in “text” fields
  • Scan a network share and produce a detailed audit report listing location and frequency of confidential data
  • All scanning done locally to minimize network traffic
  • Controls sensitive information being copied to removable media or sent over wireless connections
  • Restrict device use to authorized users and devices
  • Generate a comprehensive report ordered confidential data, frequency, and location to determine high-risk devices
  • Protect laptops and other devices even when disconnected from the network
  • Comply with regulations by enforcing encryption of sensitive data
  • Educate users on confidential data handling policies

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