Box Trust and Elite Platform Partner

Code Green Networks is honored to be recognized as both a certified Box Trust Partner and Elite Platform Partner.

EliteTrustPlatformPartnerBy using Code Green Networks Cloud DLP™ IT administrators can scan the Box Cloud using the Box API, behind the firewall, to confirm that no sensitive data is being transferred. If sensitive data is discovered Code Green Networks Cloud DLP™ can apply a number of remediating controls based on potential risk including: alert an administrator, alert a user, move the potentially sensitive file to a more protected folder, change file properties, or disable external file sharing.

Key Benefits of the Joint Solution

  • Allows people to share, collaborate and work faster (Box) but do it in a safe environment (Code Green Networks)
  • Unified administrative enforcement of data management policies across the enterprise where ever regulated information resides, including the Cloud.
  • Integrated technology to mitigate the loss of visibility and control when data is moved to the Box Cloud
  • Advanced content monitoring and filtering for accurate detection of any regulated data
  • Guided remediation when sensitive information is at risk of unauthorized access in the Box Cloud


Ideal for the Healthcare Sector

The joint solution is highly unique in the healthcare sector because of the accuracy Code Green Networks brings in scanning for PII and PHI. Residing on the internal corporate network, Cloud DLP talks to Electronic Health Records systems to accurately identify regulated data, then scans the Box cloud using the native Box API for this data in a process known as “Database Record Matching”. With this accuracy, the Code Green Networks solution can confirm that the use of regulated data conforms to corporate compliance policies.