Data Loss Prevention for Government

Data Loss Prevention for GovernmentFederal, State and County Government organizations handle vast amounts of personal details about their citizens. Databases contain Driver Licenses, Tax Identification Numbers, Vehicle Identification Numbers and Credit Card Information. The accidental release of this confidential information can instantly land an agency on the front page of a newspaper.

Featuring cost-effective, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage data loss prevention solutions, Code Green Networks enables government organizations to:

  • Protect citizens’ and staffs’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from cyber threats
  • Secure communications with other governmental agencies, departments, and private sector businesses
  • Automatically encrypt email according to policies to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Safeguard controlled unclassified information
  • Monitor, inspect, and retain webmail communications
  • Inspect content across multiple protocols
  • Data protection tools to address statue 603A, PCI-DSS, and  FISMA compliance requirements
  • Detect unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information

Code Green Networks TrueDLP protects sensitive citizen, staff, and classified information across all electronic communication channels. Contact us to see a customized demo that shows how we can help you meet your organization’s requirements.