Credit unions must have effective controls in place to protect member data and company information. Data breaches — whether accidental or malicious — can result in financial penalties, public exposure, and damage to your organization’s reputation with members.  Code Green Networks offers affordable and easy-to-manage solutions for protecting sensitive data against accidental or intentional loss and disclosure.

 Common Concerns Among Credit Unions

  • Member service representatives reply to emails that include account data, unintentionally leaving the account information in the message body. Failure to remove the account information from the communication violates credit union policy.
  • A staff member sends sensitive files to their Webmail account so they can access the information from their home/remote computer.
  • An employee downloads confidential files to a CD or USB device before leaving the organization.

Key Benefits to Credit Unions

  • Compliance with regulations such as PCI, SB 1386, GLBA, and NCUA guidelines for safeguarding member data
  • Automated email encryption utilizing policy-driven data classification and filtering
  • Complete visibility and control over Webmail communication including SSL encrypted sessions
  • Unobtrusive enforcement of data loss prevention policies across all popular Internet communication channels
  • Inclusive logs of confidential data copied, sent, or downloaded

Products and Services

From NCUA security audits to protecting depositor funds, Code Green Networks offers market-leading data loss prevention solutions that help credit unions protect member data and employee information, thereby mitigating the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. Code Green Networks’ solutions are designed from the ground up to be affordable and easy-to-manage, with typical installations taking less than a day.