Data Loss Protection in a Virtual Appliance

The benefits of simplicity and flexibility are driving the popularity of Code Green Networks DLP Virtual Appliance. By shedding the dedicated hardware requirement a virtual DLP appliance offers customers the option to simply license one or more DLP software components (Network, Discovery, End Point and Cloud) to run in a virtual environment.

The Demand for Virtual

A large percentage of IT environments already have some sort of VM model in place or are planning for one. Many of these installations have been demanding a VM option for DLP. Cost is one reason. The practice of deploying an appliance for every egress point, for example, can make an appliance centric model cost prohibitive. Hardware complexity can be another. Not having to worry about all the issues that come with delivering software on an appliance can free up resources for both the software provider and the user.

The Benefits of Virtual

In general, with VM it is easier to allocate the appropriate compute power required for a specific job. It is simply easier to increase compute power to meet changing requirements. Also, backup and restore functions are now part of the normal VM backup process. Finally, there may be a reduced need for specialized hardware which saves space, power, and air conditioning.

Any Instances Where A DLP Hardware Appliance Might Make Sense?

Yes, for example, a dedicated appliance may be a better option to address certain performance requirements in a high speed packet monitoring installation. And, of course, not everyone will have or want VM as part of their environment.

Check out Code Green Networks TrueDLP™ Version 9.1 released late last year.