About Code Green Networks

About Code Green NetworksFounded in 2004 in Sunnyvale, Calif., Code Green Networks was acquired by Digital Guardian in October 2015. Code Green Networks delivers solutions that help enterprises protect and manage regulated and other sensitive digital information across their data network, whether local, remote, mobile or in the cloud. The company’s solutions have been tested and proven through daily use by hundreds of deployments in large and small organizations across the United States and around the globe.

It’s All About The Data

Code Green’s total focus is data protection and cybersecurity utilizing innovative content inspection technology to insure maximum protection for an organization’s important data. By working closely with customers since 2004, Code Green Networks has applied innovative technology to produce Data Loss Prevention solutions with the most advanced capabilities available to locate, identify and manage regulated data. Significant examples include:

Remove Complexity

Code Green Networks believes that products offered to address regulatory compliance are often needlessly complex in implementation and difficult to manage leading to unplanned costs and delays resulting in diminished benefits to the organization. Code Green has taken a different approach. We chose to deliver solutions that are faster to deploy, easier to manage, highly accurate with superior performance and significantly less costly than alternative solutions. Our attention to these details has produced major benefits for our customers:

  • Enhanced simplified management control for consistent uniform policy administration
  • Powerful yet simple to deploy appliances designed for quick installation
  • Easy modular growth by capacity, function and location

Committed to Supporting Our Customer’s Compliance Requirements

Working with customers to address the rigorous regulations faced by organizations handling personal medical and financial information has led to our deep understanding of these particular areas of regulatory compliance. It has also helped us create solutions which are very applicable to other markets as well. We fully understand that there is no margin for error when it comes to protecting our client’s critical data and this commitment to our customers guides us in everything we do.

Flexible Implementation

Code Green Networks is now available as a Virtual Appliance providing users with the ability to run Code Green’s software (Network, Discovery, End Point and Cloud Content Control) in a VMware environment. Here are just a few benefits to implementing a Virtual DLP Appliance:

  • Performance optimization and manageability
  • Reliability and redundancy will be enhanced
  • Reduced resource costs
  • Flexibility in the design of their overall IT infrastructure will be enhanced
  • Scalability