Reducing the Threat of a Cyber Attack


Cybersecurity threats are becoming more unsettling and costly as organizations’ most confidential and sensitive information is targeted and stolen by hackers. Often this involves the serious loss of regulated information such as personal health or financial data.

To reduce these threats, Code Green Networks Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is designed to provide the constant and accurate visibility that is needed to track and immediately secure exposed sensitive data as it is stored or moves across the enterprise. This visibility provides a foundation for sensitive data protection by allowing the enterprise to:

  • Accurately know where sensitive data is located
  • Control access to sensitive data
  • Monitor to prevent sensitive data from uses not authorized by data security rules
  • Alert appropriate personnel when sensitive data has been identified in unauthorized locations or transactions
  • Provide users with warnings and guidance whenever required corrective action is taken
  • Report on the actions taken to meet enterprise information policies

With this foundation Code Green Networks’ DLP delivers a key component necessary to build a strong cybersecurity framework to protect your organizations confidential and sensitive data. This framework is a variety of important cybersecurity measures that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Access control 
  •  Encryption
  • End user awareness training
  • Compliance audits

None of these measures may be efficiently undertaken without first knowing where the sensitive data resides.