Cloud Storage Protection

Protecting Sensitive Information in the Cloud

cloudstorageprotectionCode Green Networks’ Cloud Content Control ™ facilitates an organizations capability to gain the cost, scaling and collaboration benefits of cloud storage when maintaining visibility and control of regulated or other sensitive data is a requirement. The unique Cloud Content Control ™ feature of TrueDLP™ allows consistent uniform control of sensitive data across the enterprise including the cloud.

The Code Green Networks solution provides the means to remove, encrypt, or execute other remediation before information requiring protection is sent to or shared in cloud storage in any manner contrary to the policies of the organization. It does this by extending Code Green Networks’ proven Enterprise Data Loss Prevention capabilities to cloud storage:

  • Accurately DISCOVER sensitive data
  • Automatically REMEDIATE according to enterprise policies to meet compliance requirements
  • ALERT the appropriate administrator and data owner when protected data has been identified and the actions taken to meet compliance policy

As sensitive data is identified, users are provided with warnings and guidance whenever required corrective action is taken.

This uniformity across the enterprise greatly simplifies management of sensitive information for the Cloud user and may not be provided by typical cloud centric alternative solutions.

Cloud-centric “DLP lite” solutions typically provide gateways that inspect information entering or leaving the cloud (in email or web transactions, for example). But these may not offer the performance and level of accuracy required to satisfactorily manage regulated information.
Moreover, these offerings may not provide transparent operation, and often interfere with the ease of use expected by the cloud user. In contrast the Code Green Networks’ solution provides:

  • The deep inspection technology necessary to accurately identify regulated data
  • A solution proven through years of use in regulated industries
  • Consistent management of regulated data across the enterprise and including the Cloud

This combination of accuracy, ease of implementation, and cloud content control features provided by Code Green Networks is delivering a solution for managing regulated information that is currently unique in the industry.