Lack of Cybersecurity Preparedness

Report Reveals over Half of IT Security Practitioners in US Express Lack Confidence in Their Organization’s Ability to Detect Advanced Cyber Threats

Cyber ThreatA recent study surveying IT security practitioners in the US by the Ponemon Institute, reported half of the respondents did not view their organization as a target while more than half expressed a lack of confidence in their organization’s ability to detect advanced threats.

The study found differences between the reality and perceptions in dealing with an increasing volume and severity of cyber threats. As Dr Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute observed: “We’re also seeing discrepancies in the way teams are viewing and reacting to advanced persistent threats. Overall, they’re not confident in their ability to detect advanced threats, but they’re not doing much about it.”

The report goes on to note the role analytic tools such as machine learning could play in spotting suspicious differences between abnormal and normal behavior that may forewarn of potential intrusion attempts.

We agree with the reports finding’s that organizations need help in addressing the threats from cyber attacks on their systems and their data. Cybersecurity threats are becoming more unsettling and costly as organizations’ most confidential and sensitive information is targeted and stolen by hackers. Often this involves the serious loss of regulated information such as personal health or financial data.

To address this problem we have, since inception, sought to deliver solutions that are easy to acquire and to use and provide a first line of defense against cyber threats. Find out how our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, comprised of Network DLP, Endpoint DLP, Discovery DLP, and Cloud DLP, is designed to provide the constant and accurate visibility required to track and immediately secure exposed sensitive data as it is stored or moves into the cloud or across the enterprise.

In addition, you can learn specifically about Advanced Threat Protection by requesting Digital Guardian’s technical overview of the tiered method used to protect sensitive data against the most nefarious attacks.