Credit unions must have effective controls in place to protect member data and company information. Data breaches — whether accidental or malicious — can result in financial penalties, public exposure, and damage to your organization’s reputation with members. Code Green Networks offers affordable and easy-to-manage solutions for protecting sensitive data against accidental or intentional loss and disclosure.

Common Concerns Among Credit Unions

  • Member service representatives reply to emails that include account data, unintentionally leaving the account information in the message body. Failure to remove the account information from the communication violates credit union policy.
  • A staff member sends sensitive files to their Webmail account so they can access the information from their home/remote computer.
  • An employee downloads confidential files to a CD or USB device before leaving the organization.

Products and Services

From NCUA security audits to protecting depositor funds, Code Green Networks offers market-leading data loss prevention solutions that help credit unions protect member data and employee information, thereby mitigating the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. Code Green Networks’ solutions are designed from the ground up to be affordable and easy-to-manage, with typical installations taking less than a day.

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Case Study: Signal Financial Credit Union

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Data Loss Prevention for Credit Unions

What Our Customers Are Saying

The responsibility of protecting our members’ sensitive and private information from disclosure is an ever-present concern, and we needed a reliable solution that was straightforward and versatile. The Code Green Networks appliance automatically ensures compliance with our strict internal policies and industry requirements.
Stephen Jones,
Chief Technology Officer Signal Financial Federal Credit Union

“With the CI-750 we’re getting a full-featured DLP product for the price that we’d spend on encryption alone. The interface to activate features like encryption is a breeze — it’s as simple as checking off a box in the policy settings. Plus, we now include a ‘secure email by Rivermark’ logo on all encrypted outbound communications to let our members know how important security of their information is to Rivermark. We are confident the CI-750 has given us an opportunity to visibly provide better service to our members.”
Bobbi Brown
VP of Information Technology Rivermark Community Credit Union

“We operate a service center that processes data for approximately 30 credit unions. We read up on other solutions, but we were especially interested in how the Code Green appliance used data fingerprinting and other data classification methods that went beyond just blocking email, and we also liked their ease of deployment.”
Matt Lefler
Vice President Enhanced Software Products

“When we initiated our search to find a DLP product we knew first and foremost that it had to be an appliance for ease-of-use purposes, and we wanted to have as much functionality built into the solution as possible so we wouldn’t have to absorb the cost or learning curve involved with buying multiple products. Code Green’s CI-750 gave us everything we were looking for and more. The appliance packages up all these capabilities in one really simple interface, and it even includes a group of pre-defined templates that helped give us a head start on building and tailoring policies that fit our unique company and industry requirements.”
Steve Ervolino
Vice President of Information Services and Technical Support Dupaco Community Credit Union.

Code Green was the only solution we found that delivered everything we needed in one box. Installation and configuration was easy and straightforward, and activating the integrated encryption capability was as simple as checking off a box in the policy settings.
Jonathan Buchholz
Vice President of Information Technology Class Act Federal Credit Union

“While DLP is an important new tool in my technology arsenal, I felt that it was best to go with a relatively simple and cost-effective solution. Why would I spend $150,000 on a product with multiple devices, four servers, four server licenses, more hardware, more things to deal with, and more things sucking power in my data center? I wanted something relatively inexpensive and simple to deploy. Code Green had a very attractive price, and the people I talked with who had tried the Code Green solution said that they just plugged it in and it started working.”
Rob McGee
Director of Information Security First Tech Credit Union

“We knew that DLP would give us extra protection against accidental data loss, but most of the products we looked at were far too expensive and complex. Code Green offered us a solution that did all the things we wanted to a fraction of the cost of the other systems.”
Richard Lipari
Information Technology Officer New Mexico Energy Federal Credit Union

“We are absolutely getting the support we need from Code Green Networks. One thing to note is that it has been on very rare occasions when something odd happens and we’ve had to contact them. But when we’ve had to, they have always been prompt to reply, they know what they are doing, and the issue is resolved.”
Joseph Jackson
Network Operations Manager Ascend Federal Credit Union

“Once TrueDLP was installed, visibility into our network traffic was significantly improved. We could see exactly what data was being transmitted and where. Today I can’t imagine doing security work without it!”
Michael Stridsberg
Information Security Program Manager New England Federal Credit Union